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Systems ( 系统 )

Our architecture defines the structure and behavior based on what our clients envisioned about their creative business ideas.


Design ( 设计 )

Our design displays character based on our clients' concepts. We bring their ideas into reality and incorporate modern technologies.


Content ( 内容 )

Having a website needs content that would impact visitors. We're here to help and create amazing contents for our customers.


We are Synerteq

Synerteq Systems Solutions and Services Inc. was established in June 2016 as a computer systems and solution provider for the business community. The company aims to equip the Filipino and Chinese community with an affordable yet modern technical solution, which would help improve the efficiency and capability of both large and small scale businesses.

Synerteq Systems Solutions and Services Inc.成立于2016年6月,是商业社区的计算机系统和解决方案提供商。该公司旨在为菲律宾和华人社区提供价格合理而又现代化的技术解决方案,这将有助于提高大型和小型企业的效率和能力。

Corporate Website ( 公司网站 )

Accessible, evocative and formal design


Your business is as important as its online presence, and we are here to make your company be known in the tech world.


E-Commerce ( 电子商务 )

Innovative user experience


Do you have a business and thinking of incorporating it with the current state of technology? We are glad to help build your new online business to cater your customers’ needs and greatly increase your sales.


Enterprise Business Systems (企业业务系统)

solutions across multiple platforms


We can help you improve your business efficiently through computer modernization and automation using state-of-the-art technology at an incredibly affordable price.


Software Solutions


cutting edge and modern blockchain technology implementations and ICO support


With the current state of technology, market participants are allowed to keep track of digital currency transactions without central bookkeeping. Synerteq provides support by implementing Blockchain technology and ICO, a revolutionary trend in the Technology Industry.

利用目前的技术状态,允许市场参与者在没有中央簿记的情况下跟踪数字货币交易。 Synerteq通过实施区块链技术和ICO提供支持,这是I.T.的一项革命性趋势。行业。

Enterprise Resource Planning


With the growth of overseas trade, many SMEs face the need for information management to support their business business growth and to enhance their business processes. Synerteq SimpleERP provides a suite of integrated applications that cater to your business processes such as procurement, sales and accounting. It is a lightweight and affordable system that is easy to use and designed to be flexible depending on you business.

随着海外贸易的增长,许多中小企业面临信息管理的需要,以支持其业务业务增长并加强其业务流程。 Synerteq SimpleERP提供一套集成应用程序,以满足您的业务流程,如采购,销售和会计。这是一个轻量级且经济实惠的系统,易于使用,设计灵活取决于您的业务。

Hospitality software


Modern Technology offers Hospitality Software as a platform that enabled a hotel or group of hotels to manage front-office capabilities, such as booking reservations, guest check-in/check-out, room assignment, managing room rates, and billing.




Modern technology expands quickly and Internet Marketing is one of them. Many consumers, as of today, uses mobile and internet to shop. Incorporating your business with this kind of technology will not only make your business accessible online but will also enhance your sales.   


Hardware Solutions


Printing solutions


Printing Devices provide reproductive solutions to our customers’ design, print and copy needs not only in a timely manner, but also by providing cost effective solutions without compromising job quality.


Point of sale systems


With modern technology growing fast, businesses needs to adapt to the current tech trends, and the newest point of sale (POS) system is the place where your customer executes the payment for goods or services bought from your company.


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