We provide systematic solutions to businesses and help them grow.


We are more than just an I.T. company. We are a team full of dedicated developers, designers and enterprise business solution experts.


Synerteq Systems Solutions and Services Inc. was established in June 2016 as a computer systems and solution provider for the business community. The company’s aim is to equip the Filipino and Chinese community with an affordable yet modern technical solution, which would help improve the efficiency and capability of both large and small scale businesses.

The company envisions a synergetic relationship between clients and the company, in which mutual growth is attained through harmonious support for each other. The software system provided by the company utilizes modern day web technology and cloud computing schema with focus on simplifying user experience, allowing quick adaptation with low cost of ownership.

Synerteq Systems Solutions and Services Inc.成立于2016年6月,是商业社区的计算机系统和解决方案提供商。该公司的目标是为菲律宾和华人社区配备经济实惠的现代化技术解决方案,这将有助于提高大型和小型企业的效率和能力。


integrative design


Your business is as important as its online presence, and we are here to make your company be known in the tech world with our design in mind.


prioritizing user experience


Our system not only implements quality design but also administer quality user experience that defines our standards.


providing systems solutions


We can help you improve your business efficiently through computer modernization and automation using state-of-the-art technology at an incredibly affordable price.



To build long term synergetic relationships between our customers, clients and employees, and to nurture the growth of businesses and staffs through technology and compassion.


To empower the business community with affordable yet modern quality services and solutions, and help them achieve higher profitability by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their business operations through computer systems.

Meet the Team


Raymond Sze

C.E.O. & Co-Founder


Zhen Cua

C.T.O. & Co-Founder


Betty Padua

Human Resource Manager

Judy Sy

Judy Sy

Marketing Manager


Danielle Rodriquez

Software Developer

Sef Garcia

Sef Garcia

Software Developer

Argie Gaviola

Argie Gaviola

Software Developer

Marlon Brando Nob

Marlon Brando Nob

Software Developer

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