Cutting edge and modern Blockchain Technology implementations and ICO support

Synerteq Systems Solutions and Services, Inc. aims to revolutionize tech industries by implementing Blockchain Technology and ICO support. Market participants are allowed to keep track of digital currency transactions without central bookkeeping. Furthermore, this will allow clients to audit merits through digital signature and time verification. In addition, this will simplify merchant E-Commerce processing and transactions. Moreover, participants can also unlock cash flow by eliminating layers of middle man by utilizing blockchain technology.

Use Cases


Validate educational achievements by audting student credentials recorded on the blockchain.


Log trips, tours and events joined on the blockchain upon booking or checking in.


List, hunt, shop for goods and services directly from the blockchain wallet.


Time Based Validation

Auto Escrow of Payment

Proof of Authority Consensus

Time Limited Authorization

Integration of E-Commerce Directly into the Wallet

Zero Transaction Fee

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