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Synerteq Sytems Solutions and Services, Inc. is an authorized re-seller of eZee Technosys products. eZee Technosys is a complete I.T. solutions provider for the hospitality industry, solutions whose sole purpose is to simplify business processes for our clients and help their business grow. The dedicated teams at eZee cover product development, technical support, consulting and sales. When you deal with us, you are directly coming in touch with people with expertise in the hospitality industry. 

Synerteq Sytems解决方案和服务公司是授权转售eZee Technosys产品。 eZee Technosys是一个完整的I.T.酒店业解决方案提供商,这些解决方案的唯一目的是简化我们客户的业务流程并帮助他们的业务发展。 eZee的专业团队涵盖产品开发,技术支持,咨询和销售。当你与我们打交道时,你直接与在酒店业有专长的人联系。

Solutions for Print & ScaneZee FrontDesk - On-premise Hotel Management Software

eZee FrontDesk is a state-of-art property management system that enables hotels and hotel chains to run business operations more efficiently and effectively. Designed and developed with latest technology meeting international hospitality standards. 

eZee FrontDesk是一个最先进的物业管理系统,使酒店和连锁酒店能够更有效地运营商业运营。采用满足国际接待标准的最新技术进行设计和开发。

eZee Absolute - Online Hotel Management System

eZee Absolute is a cloud based SaaS enabled B2B Property Management application that enables small to mid-sized hotels and hotel groups to efficiently manage the sales and guest interaction processes. It combines traditional property management systems (PMS), central reservation systems (CRS), channel management, and internet booking engines into a single unified application. 

eZee Absolute是一款基于云SaaS的B2B财产管理应用程序,可帮助中小型酒店和酒店集团高效管理销售和客户互动流程。它将传统的物业管理系统(PMS),中央预订系统(CRS),渠道管理和网络预订引擎结合为一个统一的应用程序。

eZee BurrP! - Restaurant Point of Sale Software

eZee BurrP! is a point-of-sale system ideal for restaurants, bars, night clubs, fast food restaurants, and more. Regardless of the type of restaurant, a single store or a nationwide chain, eZee BurrP! will help usher a new level of efficiency in the business process. 

eZee BurrP!是适用于餐厅,酒吧,夜总会,快餐店等的销售点系统。无论餐厅类型,单店还是全国连锁店eZee BurrP!将有助于在业务流程中带来新的效率水平。

eZee Optimus - Online Restaurant POS System

eZee Optimus is an online restaurant point-of-sale system, best fit for varied F&B establishments like cafes, bars, bistros, restaurants and even small eateries. The system helps restaurateurs in efficiently handling their daily operations by automating and simplifying them to a large extent. 

eZee Optimus是一个在线餐厅销售点系统,最适合各种餐饮场所,如咖啡馆,酒吧,小酒馆,餐馆,甚至小餐馆。该系统通过在很大程度上实现自动化和简化,帮助餐馆老板有效地处理日常操作。

eZee Reservation - Online Booking Engine

eZee Reservation is an Online Booking Engine which integrates seamlessly with the property website, enabling clients to book reservations, packages, and offers directly from the website. It lets you setup your entire property details through single dashboard while giving you direct access to key areas of functions of your property. 

eZee Reservation是一个在线预订引擎,它与物业网站无缝集成,使客户能够直接从网站预订预订,包裹和优惠。它可以让你通过单个仪表板设置你的整个房产细节,同时让你直接访问你的财产功能的关键领域。

eZee Centrix - Hotel Channel Manager

eZee Centrix is a Channel Manager that helps hotels to easily manage property rates and inventory on various channels/travel websites. It automatically updates all the changes made on client’s end to all the channels instantaneously. 

eZee Centrix是一家渠道经理,帮助酒店轻松管理各种渠道/旅游网站上的房产价格和库存。它会自动将客户端的所有更改立即更新到所有通道。

eZee iMenu - Digital Restaurant Tablet Menu

The next generation solution for restaurant management, eZee iMenu is a sleek and stylish way to present your menu items to your customers and providing them with a new interactive experience. 

eZee iMenu是用于餐厅管理的下一代解决方案,它向您的客户呈现您的菜单项并为他们提供全新的互动体验,是一种时尚而时尚的方式。

eZee iFeedback - Online Feedback System

eZee iFeedback is a versatile online feedback system for hotels and restaurants which allows to build stronger relationships with guests and customers, giving you complete freedom on how and when to collect feedback from guests. Powered with robust features, eZee iFeedback will give hotels and restaurants utmost liberty when engaging customers. 

eZee iFeedback是一个针对酒店和餐厅的多功能在线反馈系统,可以与客人和客户建立更紧密的关系,让您在如何以及何时收集来宾的反馈信息时拥有完全的自由。凭借强大的功能,eZee iFeedback在吸引客户时将给酒店和餐厅带来最大的自由。

Appytect - Mobile Hotel App Builder

Appytect allows hoteliers to get their Hotel App on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Attract clients to all the amenities and services offered by your hotel through your hotel application. Robust customization options will highlight hotel’s brand and provide convenience in promoting hotel facilities and services such as nearby attractions and destinations. 

Appytect允许酒店经营者在Google Play商店和Apple App Store上获得他们的酒店应用程序。通过您的酒店应用程序吸引客户提供您酒店提供的所有设施和服务。强大的定制选项将突出酒店的品牌,并提供便利推广酒店设施和服务,如附近的景点和目的地。

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